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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stevens Family Crew / Reunion?

Hi all,

I have contacted most everyone in the family by e-mail, phone or snail mail by now. You are a very difficult group to get a hold of, but I'm trying! Eric and I thought we would like to organize a family reunion. But we would really like everyones input. So don't be afraid to link onto this page. Just click on 'post a comment'. Think of this site as the Stevens Family community post. Share your thoughts here. Contacting everyone one person at a time isn't very efficient and wears me out! If comments don't come up, hit #comments, to see what others posted.

Should there be a Stevens Family Reunion?
The moms (Rae, Doris, Susan) are all pushing for this.

When should this reunion be?
Karen and Linda have commitments the summer of '07 but said they would try.

Where should it be? Suggestions have been :
Lake McConaughy Neb
Lake Mead / Las Vegas
Lake Powell
Washington State

How should this be arranged?